Mouse Raider

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About the Game: Mouse Raider is a simple infinity shooting game, which is set where Hundreds of hungry mouse raided our house, the attacked on delicious foods. One of the Mouse Raider take delicious pie and other Mouse Raider take delicious sweet dessert which was buy from famous world famous dessert shop, our house is full of Mouse Raider. We must stop Mouse Raider before they actually take all our delicious food. Our mission is to stop Mouse Raider’s and save as much food as we can PLEASE NOTE! Mouse Raider is free to download and play single player quick game which required network connection. Mouse Raider Features ● Single Players ● Family and Kids friendly Game ● Infinite game play ● Hit Mouse appears on Screen and Scored and continue in Game ● Easy to play tap Game ● Level progress as you scored more and more ● Mouse will start appear faster and faster as player’s score goes up ● Mouse Raider support multi screen devices ● Mouse Raider support wide range of android devices with support of 32 and 64 bit ● High-quality Graphics and HD Audio ● Play anytime and anywhere What are you waiting for? Warm up your fingers and start hitting raiders. Experience this simple fun infinity adventure shooting game Support: Are you having problems? Drop a message here

aim mouse cursor and click to shoot