Pong Soccer

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Game Description

Pong Soccer - a high-quality arcade game in which you can play with a friend on the same device.
In a beautiful but small pitch there are two platforms for beating a small ball. The goal of each player - to try to discourage him so that he fell into the opponent's goal. The game is fairly standard and at first glance there is nothing unusual to differ.
But over time, it turns out that in skillful players, we can turn up the ball so that the opponent's nose, he violently turn in the other direction. And then you just want to pulnut treacherous ball to get a quick and easy victory. But instead, he is always at our gate.
The arcade is present in single mode and two player mode playing on the same screen and control each of its platforms. If no other near and stupid computer is bored, we can go on the lookout for an enemy on the Internet. Winning in a duel, gradually earn coins that are allocated to the purchase of faster platforms with more striking force.
Pong Soccer - a bright and simple arcade with good sound. It's interesting to play in both.

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